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Sport Day 2016 – One Day One Team One Spirit!

By: CGV | Posted: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 14:28


On 23 June 2016, Sport Day was organized in HCMC with nearly 300 participants. Before that, Mini-Football matches were kicked off from early of June and attracted 12 teams from HO & Sites in Southern area. Finally, HVP and LSS/TPC got into the Final round of Mini- Football. The match was attracted many supporters and both of teams played quite seriously. After two rounds, LSS/TPC proudly received Champion, HVP was the 1st Runner-Up.


Furthermore, the other two competitions were attracted many supporters and players. HVP lost Champion in Mini-Football, but they were Champion in Tug of war competition, LDO was 1st Runner-up and TPC & VIC were 2nd Runner-up. In Couple bag jumping competition, BHC was Champion, LDO was 1st Runner-up and LSS & VIC were 2nd Runner-up.

BOD team of CGV VN joining Tug of war with staff


The final round of football match was happened on 10 June together with other activities in line with CGV Sport Day 2016

After finished the supporting performance from supporters, they started with bag jumping competition. HNO, HGP, IPH and Mipec tried their best to get into the final round. As a result, HGP & Mipec became champions.

In the Tug of war game, Mipec won many other team and ALB and got the champion.

Back to football, ALB & HGP came into the final round. ALB scored the first goal, and then HGP equalized the match by the lagoon king in CGV Sport day 2016 in Ha Noi. Furthermore, HGP continuously to score one more goal and became to the champion in this season.


CGV team in Da Nang also participated in Sport Day 2016. At the beginning, the match between VTP & VCR was attracted many supporters. The final score, VCR won VTP 5 – 0. After the football match, all members joined other games to show their teamwork spirit. There were 3 rounds of Tug of war to find out the winner who was VCR. However, VTP won in Bag Jumping game.


The football match between BMT & KCC opened Sport Day in Quy Nhon. The match was recieved many supporting  when BMT scored first goal in 1st round and finished the game by one more goal at the end of 2nd round.

Final score: BMT won KCC 2 – 0

After that, two teams got into teambuilding games. KCC was winner in Tug of war and recieved 2/3 prizes of Couple bag jumping.

Sport Day in Quy Nhon was organized in 3 hours, but all CGV members showed their spirit and teamwork


Together with other cities, Sport Day 2016 also was organized in Ha Long on 28 June 2016.

Right after arrived Ha Long, TDP immediately join the football match with HLV/HLB. TDP consecutively attacked their competitor and scored 2 goals. TDP won HLV/HLB 2 – 0

Furthermore, the teambuilding games were organized in the beach and attracted many people. They enjoyed Tug of war & Couple bag jumping in friendship & fun spirit.

Sport Day 2016 was an occasion for TDP, HLV & HLB to show their sport spirit and networking together.


Sport Day 2016 was organized in Can Tho on 5 July. Our reporters will review the information from the site.

The field became hotter after performances from two sites. After that, the Mini-football between VHV & CTC was attracted many supporters. In the first round, both of VHV & CTC constantly attracted competitor’s goal. CTC led the match with the score was 6 – 3. In the second round, VHV scored one more goal and CTC also counter-attacked and scored 2 more goals. Finally, CTC won VHV 8 – 4

 Then, two teams came to Tug of war & Couple bag jumping competitions. One more time, CTC won 1st prize for this two games.

Sport Day 2016 was successful in Vietnam and received many positive feedbacks from participants. On behalf of organizing team, we would like to thank to all of you for your participation and support. See you in next Sport Day 2017. 


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